Do the devs even play this game?

Do the devs even play this game?

Сообщение Williamhawk » 06 ноя 2017, 18:31


But now that chapter has been closed now opens a new doomed chapter. The missile silo and the army required to take down a 200+ atomic base is just NOT sustainable. In-fact its negative gearing OIL and medals. Unless you use 3 generals (1k oil) 4 planes (2.4k oil) and mercs.. that's a total of 3.4k oil per attack. Like what the hell nexon! And without troop cards you could even still loose the fight with that army. All this is caused by troop cards. I don't even use troop cards. Get rid of troop cards ffs. Noob items. The days without troop cards and missile silo were the golden days. Also i believe missile silo shouldn't of been made available till Cold war age. And new units available to deal with it. Also updated smarter path finding for special units to death with it. My tanks split up most of the time.then missile targets my troops. I consider my self a pro attacker but man i am struggling with missile silo bases ( 1 general no mercs and no troop cards) i am struggling to get a single star .


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Re: Do the devs even play this game?

Сообщение sociable » 05 ноя 2018, 14:45

Да что тут происходит?
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Re: Do the devs even play this game?

Сообщение avtomobilpro » 15 май 2019, 13:31

А можно теперь на русский всё это перевести?
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