Any iPhone users having this problem?

Any iPhone users having this problem?

Сообщение Williamhawk » 06 ноя 2017, 18:33


I am having a problem with the game crashing. This started about a week ago, I will be trucking right along and all of a sudden it just closes. This happened in both of my attacks in a current WW and one attack in our last WW. Fortunately it didn't effect the outcome of the current war but it did the last one! It's starting to get pretty frustrating to say the least, there is no rhyme or reason when it does it, it happens when in chat, collecting resources from farms and caravans, loading troops, war, watching war replays etc.

i was was just curious if any other iPhone users or anyone else has been having the same problem. I've tried restarting my phone but no help. I've closed the background refreshing of other apps. hasn't helped either. I also sometimes start getting a lag,


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