How Can I Change My Menus Back To Previous Version.

How Can I Change My Menus Back To Previous Version.

Сообщение Williamhawk » 02 ноя 2017, 09:07


I turned on my TV (directv) to find they "enhanced" the menu and guide interface. I'm not sure if the thought behind it was intended for 4K TV's or what but It looks horrible. Graphics are small and muddy while parts of the menu are difficult to read. In some cases it seems the new style was pushed out before the full set of menus was complete (no changes to some of the sub-menus). I do, however, like the transparency effect and would not mind that feature in the old style of menus.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a was to opt-out of this new style of menus as I would prefer the old style instead.


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