Restoring lost THM file for an AVI

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Restoring lost THM file for an AVI

Сообщение Williamhawk » 06 ноя 2017, 18:37


We've lost the THM file which accompanied the AVI file for one of our videos and we have realized that the camera does not recognize the existence of an AVI unless there is a THM to go with it. We would like to be able to put videos back onto the camera from time to time because the camera provides an excellent portable viewing screen. (The display is far smoother, albeit much smaller, than the display on either of our PCs.) I've discovered that the camera can be fooled into playing AVI #1 if I copy the THM file relating to a different video , then rename it to match the name of AVI #1. The camera seems to take the duration from the THM file, so if #2 is shorter than #1, the display of is truncated. If is longer than , we can watch the whole of #1 but the camera then gets confused. Is there any way we can recreate a THM file that properly matches an AVI?


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