i60 True wind not working

i60 True wind not working

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I have an i60 and I only get 3 dashes for true wind. I have recently replaced the mast head transducer and the cable and also the tri data transducer (depth, speed and water temp).
My apparent wind is working find as is my tri data. My auto pilot also appears to be working and reads a heading and will engage. My understanding is that the true win is a calculation that requires both speed and heading, I currently appear to have both. Additionally I have a C95 and non Raymarine AIS also on the network.
My auto pilot is an ST6000. Up until very recently the whole system worked and I haven't done any work on it since then. All of a sudden it just started not reading out true wind. Is there a detail troubleshooting procedure for that issue or more details on how I can confirm I am getting good data from both the tri data and the autopilot to the wind unit? As they both read out fine on their own displays I thought they might be working. I have attached a diagram of the over all system. I could send the wind unit to get bench tested, but I would prefer to identify the problem on my end if possible as it could be either the auto pilot or the tri data. As the auto pilot is pretty old my worry would be that one as the wind unit is only a few years old and I just replaced the tri data transducer.


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